Butterfly Only 4.25.16  The feedback we receive from our students: 

WINGS has been the icing on the cake for the LTI class. Thank you so much for all that you have given us. God Bless You!

I no longer feel anxious or ashamed of my time here because I’ve learned how to start over with my held high! Thank you LTI and WINGS!

The instructors will give you all the information that you’ll need to make it if you only ask.

I think that the instructors are great Women of God and very thoughtful for even coming to share with us ladies. Amen.

They know their stuff! : )

Wonderful women, very encouraging, humble.

I feel like I have the knowledge plus the courage to do whatever I want in the future as far as my goals and success.

It has been so helpful to me that I’ll be able to make it. Please keep helping and giving helpful knowledge. Thank you!

Helped me to a great extent because it helped me in my thinking and taught me how to make better decisions.

I have knowledge and information now to get started.

I feel empowered and motivated.

I now know how to interview better and the right way to dress for one. : )

Doing a job interview will be easier to go to now and much more likely to be successful.

Now I have tools I need.

This class has helped me so much, and it has helped me stay focused. Oh God. Amen.

The course content and instructors were great!

EVERYONE should take this class!

I feel like WINGS gave me the tools to find a good job.

May God Bless you ladies and my God Bless you all to keep this class going for all these ladies. Amen.

I also loved the instructors kept the audience in check, no “sub-group talking”. Because if you respect others around you that’s a good sign your not going to come back here and are serious about starting you life anew!

I would like to Thank all the volunteers who came here to teach us all the classes that helps toward our Journey in life, Amen!

The instructors enthusiastic and positive attitudes helped in my thinking to know that I can get a good job upon release. That there is a lot of help out there for us if we look for it. That God will be with us every step of the way. Thank you so much for encouraging and educating us. To God all the Glory. Amen!

Please continue this program to help future offenders.

I’ve learned a lot about going to find a job and I very much enjoy the fact that I now know what to put in the spaces (of a job application) that I used to leave blank. It’s a small thing to most, but a big thing to me. Thank you!

This class was truly amazing. It has been a true blessing. It has made a huge impact on me and I would really like to be part of this ministry upon my release. So be looking forward to hearing from me.

Your class was great. I truly learned a lot and have a bunch of great tools to take home with me. Thank you. : )

Very informative and professional. I recommend this ministry to all inmates and victims everywhere!

May God bless you and give you the help you will need when you start back up on the Fall season.

Awesome program.

Really enjoyed it and very useful material. God Bless!

I get out in a month and some of the stuff I learned in this class seems like it will be very helpful in my job search.

Continue the WINGS program. It is a great asset to women everywhere. I want to thank the ladies for them taking time to come out and teach us ways and things to better succeed once we get out and some resources to help also. Thank you so much for caring enough to come share with us. God Bless you.

Thank you all for all your hard work in helping me. : )

This class has been very useful for when I get out as well as for my husband. I’ve called him, telling him what I have learned, as well as given him the information for himself or one of our children. Thank you.

This class has let me know that I can and will make something of myself. As far as working I did not know a lot. This class was a light.

Great class. Needed and useful for anyone.

“These women (instructors) have so much care and concern for each one of us women.  Since I have been in the WINGS classes I truly trust and believe with God’s Love and all these new resources I will be able to change my bad life style into a new life.”

“I was given multiple resources that I wasn’t even aware existed.  Superior class and very, very informative.”

“This is the only class I’ve had that teaches us HOW TO APPLY OURSELVES OUTSIDE OF JAIL!”

“I learned a lot of valuable information that’s going to be important tools for my rehabilitation!  I loved this class!”

“All of this information really benefits my new, sober, healthy life.”

“The instructors are so great, helpful and loving.”

“This class has shown me there is so much help out there when I leave to help me have a new, successful life.”

“Our instructors are wonderful role models.”

“What’s great is I can refer back to the information I learned when job searching and doing my bills!”

“This class has given me a positive self-esteem, self-worth and I believe in myself because you believe in me.  Thank you and God Bless you!”

“I love the instructors!”

“This class provides much needed help in all aspects of its’ curriculum.  It is wonderful and very interesting.”

“I have learned a lot by taking this class.  Very good program and they are doing a good job.  May God Bless you.”

“It’s wonderful and I recommend it to all.”

“It’s a great help and I like WINGS program, the ability to learn all kinds of things.”

“I would like to continue this once I am released.”

“This class has done a lot for me.  I learned a lot and have a better grip on things.”

“Awesome ladies (instructors)!  Made me feel so good.  They are very warm and caring.”

“We have options.  We CAN get a job with a felony.”

“Awesome women of God and very helpful resources.”

“Helps me believe in myself and learning other outlets in life to improve my new journey.”

“Some of the women (instructors) who come to work with us have been down rough roads like me, mentally, emotionally or physically.  They let us know there is Hope out there.”

“This is the best class!  I felt I got a lot of information.”

“We are learning about a lot of important resources.”

“The WINGS program would benefit anyone tremendously toward a new, successful lifestyle.”