Butterfly Only 4.25.16  Thank you letter from Judge Derbyshire (presiding judge for SAFE Court, Harris County Criminal Court At Law No. 7).

First and foremost thanks belong to Ms. Kate Callan.  Because of her obedience to God, her vision for and devotion to marginalized women, the WINGS program exists!

Secondly, thanks belong to every one of our WINGS Volunteers here in Houston and in Austin.

Because of the time and talent they so generously give our Butterflies, WINGS is making a positive difference in lives of many women.

Letter content …

“Dear Mrs. Wortham:  I cannot thank you enough for all the help you have provided SAFE Court.  Your willingness to provide assistance to our participants is sincerely appreciated.  We are so proud of our program and encouraged by our early successes.  Contributions from supporters like you have helped us grow and improve our program.  You have devoted your time, knowledge and skills to our program and we are grateful.  All reports about WINGS have been extremely positive.  Thank you again for your thoughtful and generous support.  Sincerely, Judge Pam Derbyshire”

Letter from Judge Derbyshire 4.14.16