There are many ways you can volunteer with our ministry using your skills, spiritual gifting, talents and interests.  Here are some ways you can serve …

Butterfly Only 4.25.16  Educate

Serve as a classroom facilitator / team lead

Organize an information event at your church, small group or business

Learn how to present our information to churches and organizations

Talk to your family, friends and co-workers about the power to change our communities through rehabilitation and recovery programs like ours.


Butterfly Only 4.25.16  Identify Resources

Connect with individuals and professionals who can provide goods or services.

Research available resources for the women we serve to access post-release to reintegrate back into society smoothly and successfully.


Butterfly Only 4.25.16  Build Relationships

Become a classroom facilitator / team lead

Build awareness and network in community through local churches, businesses, civic and government agencies, and organizations.


Butterfly Only 4.25.16   Virtual Support

Join our on-line Prayer Team

Become a Prayer Request Responder (written encouragement)

Write resumes for our graduates

Share your administrative skills


Butterfly Only 4.25.16   Don’t have time but want to volunteer?  Partner with us or Sponsor our program.  Monetary donations.