We offer a seven to nine week course of work/life skills to our students comprised of the following modules and more …

Butterfly Only 4.25.16Change Your Thinking/Change Your Life

  1. How our thinking affects our results
  2. Examining our current thinking about ourselves, our situation
  3. Examining God’s thoughts about us
  4. Choosing our thoughts
  5. Envisioning a new reality

Butterfly Only 4.25.16Becoming Job Ready

  1. Securing an email address
  2. Filling out a job application
  3. When it’s important to have a resume
  4. How to write a comprehensive effective resume
  5. Creating a cover letter
  6. Obtaining references
  7. Templates and tools for filling out job applications, creating a resume and cover letter

Butterfly Only 4.25.16Avenues for Seeking Employment

  1. Where to look for a job
  2. Companies that hire ex-offenders
  3. Online resources
  4. Training
  5. Job fairs
  6. Networking
  7. Employment agencies

Butterfly Only 4.25.16Image, Etiquette and Interpersonal Skills/How to Have a Great Job Interview

  1. How to prepare for a job interview
  2. How to create a positive first impression
  3. Dressing for success
  4. Looks to avoid
  5. The importance of eye contact
  6. Handshaking
  7. Introductions
  8. 10 most common interview questions
  9. Interview role play

Butterfly Only 4.25.16Money Matters

  1. Creating a budget – what does it cost to live?
  2. Applying for Medicaid/Welfare/Food stamps
  3. Ideas for lowering monthly expenses
  4. Balancing a checkbook
  5. Meal planning on a budget

Butterfly Only 4.25.16Healing the Heart (Human Trafficking Education)

  1. Stages of entry in the commercial sex industry
  2. Stages of change in the commercial sex industry
  3. Biblical framework for healing
  4. How God views women
  5. Biblical view of sexuality

Butterfly Only 4.25.16Putting It All Together (Creating Your Exit Strategy)

  1. Creating your transitional housing and transportation plans
  2. Finding a church and/or study group
  3. Connecting with a recovery group
  4. Types of job opportunities I’ll pursue
  5. Search and interview plan
  6. Other sources of income (TANF, support services, etc.)