WHO – Our Butterflies are women:

  • At risk and marginalized
  • Struggling with addiction
  • Have been or are currently incarcerated
  • Part of a court ordered rehabilitation program
  • Have been commercially sexually exploited
  • Victims of sex trafficking

Why we call our women “Butterflies” …

Each woman is on a journey.  As she transitions from her old life to a new one she goes through many changes.  Much like a butterfly who goes through the process of metamorphosis, she too is transformed as God changes the shape of her mind, heart and life … to LIVE FREE!

YOU can give these marginalized women HOPE for a transformed life by …

  • Equipping women at risk to understand their true identity and change their lives through the transforming power of Christ, education and healthy life choices.
  • Sharing God’s Word and Promises while incorporating them into applicable life skills training modules and activities.
  • Equipping, educating and training Program volunteers and leaders to serve God and those He seeks in both secular and non-secular environments.
  • Building God’s Kingdom through the integration of Christ’s Character into WINGS students thoughts, words and deeds.


WHAT – The WINGS Program:

As a classroom facilitator you will deliver a seven week course of work/life skills comprised of the following modules and more …

  • Change Your Thinking/Change Your Life
  • Becoming Job Ready
  • Avenues for Seeking Employment
  • How to Have a Great Job Interview
  • Money Matters
  • Healing the Heart (Human Trafficking Education)
  • Putting It All Together (Creating Your Exit Strategy)



Volunteers serve in transitional living programs and lock-down facilities primarily in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.



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