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Excited about our education and training partnership with Prison Fellowship, Int’l!  Soon Kate and I we will be touring Plane State Jail in Dayton, Texas, meeting facilitators from fellow ministries and blessing the kick-off of their “Life Transformation Initiative” (LTI) Program.  The chaplains are expecting 250-300 students. What a BLESSING!

More info about Prison Fellowship’s LTI Program…

The goal of “LIFE TRANSFORMATION INITIATIVE” (LTI) is designed to deliver cognitive intervention skills from criminal and addictive wrong thinking to correct and right thinking to prosper and be a net benefit to society when released. The objective will be to learn to let go of the past and learn to make better choices in their environment. The benefit to the offender is they will be better prepared for the future when released with successful reentry tools and coping skills. Program delivery will focus on dealing with issues from a faith based perspective. Some of these areas include self- esteem, codependency, chemical dependency, relationships, goal setting, conflict resolution, and anger management. In addition the program will be delivered to equip the offender with skills necessary to assist their reentry into society. Some of these areas include finding employment, writing resumes, filling out job applications, and handling money.

The all-encompassing benefit to society and offender is: To Positively impact public safety and reduce recidivism through moral rehabilitation by rendering pastoral care and quality programming to facilitate spiritual transformation. The coaches and mentors will be working with the offender in prison and upon release, will be our best gage of success and of course recidivism rates.

LTI is open to all inmates regardless of religious beliefs, faith, or non-faith. The only requirement for inmates to attend LTI will be Warden and Chaplain approval, and a desire to live a changed life. TDCJ vision statement focused on morale rehabilitation is the focus of LTI.

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